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What We Do


‘To Enable People To Achieve Their Aim Of Feeling Sexy, smooth and Confident’

Being a CoLaz franchisee is about more than delivering treatments. It’s about ensuring the whole client experience is as good as it can be, at every visit. We want clients to be confident that they are in safe, skilled, hands, and that a visit to us will leave them feeling good, in body and in mind, so they come back again and again.

Our clients are the most important people in our business. With that in mind our aims are:

  • Providing clients with a memorable non-surgical aesthetic treatments, while delivering excellent results
  • Exclusively using only trusted, quality product brands and medical grade lasers
  • Providing clients with a pristine and relaxed clinic environment
  • Ensuring that all staff are competent in their areas of expertise
  • All clinicians deliver treatment services to the stringent CoLaz standards
  • Providing ongoing professional training to all therapists
  • Building client relationships that result in long term loyaltyning to all therapists

Thousands of Loyal & Delighted Clients Look Their Best!

As a franchisee you will be keen to ensure that you and your team achieve these goals all the time. Learn more!

Our Services

We are always looking for new and more effective treatments that will make our clients look and feel their best, while attracting more clients to our clinics. The list below will be refined as new treatments become available.

Many of our treatments can be upsold to the same customer, resulting in more significant revenue and client happiness.

We maximise client appeal and
retention to help build your business

We regularly market special offers, giving clients cost-saving deals on treatments that require a course of sessions, so you get repeat business.

We also sell packages, such as our inch-loss package, that includes several different kinds of treatments, for an all-in-one price, paid up-front.

Our website offers prospective clients the change to sign up for weekly email alerts to get deals of up to 50% off treatments.

We are not limited to female clients – our treatments are offered to all genders, maximising client appeal.