From an Employee to Entrepreneur with the

Colaz Franchise Opportunity

Opening A Salon From Scratch

Starting a new business on your own can be both thrilling and troubling. When it comes to salon management, the risk of running your own salon takes a lot of time and energy, plus it can be difficult to see the rewards when the success of your business lies purely on your shoulders.

A business responsibility that you need to carry 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Join A Team For Success

But what if you could have all the benefits of being an entrepreneurial salon owner, on top of the resources and backing of a much larger company?

Well, a franchise opportunity could be just the right answer for you.

Taking advantage of a franchise opportunity, like CoLaz Advance Beauty Specialist, allows you the chance to run your own business, while still being able to tap into the help and support of an established company. With the help of my validated business model and the backing of the entire network, joining the CoLaz network is a franchise opportunity for success.

Are You Looking For An Expansion Opportunity With A Growing Franchise?

Whether you’re setting up a new salon or you’re already an established business looking for expansion opportunities, joining a growing franchise can be a successful path to growth. Franchise Opportunities offer a turn key way for budding entrepreneurs to run successful businesses and to grow existing business. This solution is ideal for those keen to tap into the ever-growing hair and beauty industry.

Typically, franchising a salon requires a good bit of groundwork. However, thanks to my years of market research, I’ve built a proven framework around my established brand to help franchisees get started quickly and successfully in the Salon Business.

You won’t lose the freedom of working for yourself and controlling your own schedule, plus you gain all the benefits and experience of a popular brand. It’s a win-win situation!

Why Would You Join The CoLaz Franchise?


You will see growth as part of a team

Making the most of a franchise opportunity greatly diminishes the volatility in the risk to reward ratio of running your own business. Rather than suffering the isolation and stress of owning a salon, with the weight of its success being your sole responsibility, you and your business gain a whole support network from me and entire the CoLaz team. As such, your rewards undoubtedly outweigh the risk factor.


An opportunity for expansion

While my established brand recognition will work in your favour, you also get the excitement of developing and shaping your business as part of the CoLaz franchise. I can help you expand your treatment services and introduce the latest innovations and products from the beauty industry to your clients. With the backing of the CoLaz brand, you improve your business’ capability for growth and evolution.


Gain the support your business needs to be a success

As part of the CoLaz franchise, you have the support and guidance of my 15+ years of experience as well as the rest of the CoLaz team. We assist with marketing strategy, recruitment, promotions, ongoing training support and much much more. Our salons are all a tight-knit group who we engage with regularly on a one-to-one basis. With CoLaz, you are a major player in an emerging franchise, rather than a lost, minor player in a large multinational franchise.


You can make a difference

As part of my CoLaz ideology, I believe in listening to our franchisees. As a salon, you are the link between our franchise brand and the clients. So, I like to take the time to listen and support your ideas to help develop the brand further and improve all of our relationships with our customers.

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