The UK's leading skin clinic

Dreaming of setting up your own aesthetics clinic?

With CoLaz you can!

Hello! My name is Mrs Manroop Ahitan.

A few years ago I was just like you, dreaming of my own aesthetic business. Now I’m the founder and Managing Director of CoLaz Advanced Aesthetics Clinic, a growing business with outlets across the country. I achieved business success for myself, so I know I can help you transform your dream of clinic ownership into a reality, just as I did.

Our clinics are run by people like you, who have set up their own businesses with the help of our experience and expertise. With your passion and our know-how, we can help you achieve success. We’re looking for more people keen to start their own clinics with our help – and you could be the next one!

You’ve already made a great choice. The aesthetics business is booming. The UK industry is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 8% to reach £6 billion by 2023. No matter the state of the economy, people will always want to look and feel good.

CoLaz Aesthetics believes that every person deserves to look and feel their best – and you will be helping them achieve that.

Your own clinic will be offering a range of the latest aesthetic and beauty treatments!

Laser Hair Removal, Non-Surgical Treatments, Skin Treatments, Inch Loss Treatments, Skin Blemish Removal Treatments, Skin Care Range!

All of these – and more, as we are always looking to introduce the latest treatments – will be delivered by you and your team of specialists, in your own clinic.

How It Works

We offer the CoLaz business as a franchise –

so in exchange for an investment by you, we offer you access to our brand name – which is already known to clients – and help setting up and running your business. We know that out business blueprint works because we use it ourselves, and so do the other franchisees who have started CoLaz clinics.  Our support includes help with marketing, we even help you find the right location for your clinic and negotiate with landlords on your behalf!

Unlike some franchises, your business is 100% yours,

even though we have helped you set it up, and you get to keep 100% of the net profits!

You could be – or you could be a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or beauty therapist. Alternatively, you could be an investor willing to employ suitably-qualified people to run your clinic – in which case you need no hands-on experience as an aesthetician.

We’re also open to approaches from people who want to grow an existing business with the CoLaz brand. I can help you expand your treatment services and introduce the latest innovations and products to your clients. With the backing of the CoLaz brand, you improve your business’ capability for growth and evolution.

No. We offer training and support from our established company – and you’ll never be alone in business. Not only will you get training, coaching, a website and support services from me and my team at head office, but you will also be one of a network of franchised clinic owners, who support each other by sharing advice and ideas.

From an Employee to Entrepreneur with the Colaz Franchise Opportunity

Why Join

the CoLaz franchise

You could set up your aesthetic clinic yourself – but then you will have to go it alone, which is hard, tiring, potentially lonely, and probably riskier than starting up with our franchise.

With CoLaz you can see growth as part of a team

Making the most of a franchise opportunity greatly the risk to reward ratio of running a business on your own. Rather than suffering the isolation and stress of owning a clinic on your own, you and your business gain a whole support network from me and entire the CoLaz team. As such, your rewards undoubtedly outweigh the risk factor.

After moving from Iran to the UK, Shadi joined us with an ambition to own her own business and be part of a thriving franchise. "Being the boss of my own clinic has always been my dream, and CoLaz helped it happen so quickly. I had the idea in August 2016, we found a property together by November, and we signed the contract in February 2017 the following year. It was all so quick! Manroop and Surinder gave me so much more than just support too - they helped me realise my dream, and without them, it would never have happened." .

CoLaz franchisees benefit from

The i-colaz software

developed specifically for the brand for ease of booking requirements

An established brand

no need to struggle to get your brand name known to clients – CoLaz already is!


High ranking website bringing client leads to your door. We continuously update the website with new content and treatments.

100% Share Capital

you will own 100% of your business, retaining all your net profit, and we only charge a monthly management fee of 8.5%.


You will never be alone. We believe the franchise is a partnership, and you will be given initial and ongoing support and training.

Business blueprint

Our business model has proved itself for over a decade in the aesthetics and beauty industries. CoLaz's model is well-established, tried and tested, and offers proven methods of success.

Booming Market

Research has shown increased demand for aesthetic or cosmetic procedures. Many cutting-edge non-surgical and minimally-invasive techniques have been created in the 21st century. These innovative procedures are introduced into the brand so that you can flourish with the market.

Your ideas can make a difference!

I believe in listening to our franchisees. As a salon, you are the link between our franchise brand and the clients, so I take the time to listen and support your ideas to help develop the brand further and improve all of our relationships with our customers.

With CoLaz, you are a major player in an emerging franchise, rather than a lost, minor player in a large multinational franchise.