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What We are looking for in a franchisee

Could we be a match made in Business?

Here’s what would make you a heavenly CoLaz franchisee.
As a franchise partner, you dream of owning your own aesthetic clinic – but unlike many people, you will think like an entrepreneur and be ready to put in the effort needed to make your dream come true.


Our experience means we know what qualities you need to be an outstanding franchisee.
They include:

Big Picture Thinking

You share the CoLaz vision and understand that to get results, you need to handle and successfully manage all the different aspects of your business, such as finances, staff, treatment standards and customer satisfaction.

People Skills

You must have excellent communication and listening skills to deal with employees, the franchisor, suppliers and most importantly, the public. These skills can be developed over time with the support of the training we provide.


This is the key to success, as the willingness to learn and accept the advice you are given will help you grow.

A Strong Work Ethic

This is essential for you to succeed. You must be willing to put 100% into your business, allowing you to grow in the right direction and inspire your staff to work hard and deliver the results you want.

The Ability To Follow Business Rules

The CoLaz franchise has set procedures, policies, business models and regulations that must be adhered to so as to boost your chances of success. The business formula is what you pay for as a franchisee, so it makes sense to follow it.

Results Orientated

You, as the franchisee, will be able to deliver results and ongoing sales to ensure the success of your franchise.

Calm and Collected At All Times

This is an essential personality trait to have as it will ensure you are successful in a time of crisis.

Team Player

As a franchise, we work as one team and one business, ensuring the brand’s success. You must be able to work with the other franchisees and with us.

Commitment and Motivation

You must be committed to the business and be motivated to deliver the results required to be successful. You will be actively involved in developing your business.

A Professional Approach

As the franchise partner, you will need a professional approach to running your business, marketing, and selling the services of CoLaz.

From the initial set up of your new businesses through to fruition and beyond, our franchisee partners must be willing to operate under the entire CoLaz business format system. This includes adapting any new methods as and when they are introduced.

That being said, I always welcome and encourage unique ideas, mainly if they can be employed across the whole network.

Does this sound like you? If so, get in touch with us now – and if you are not sure, get in touch anyway! We offer training and coaching to develop all the skills you need for success. We will be happy to talk through the opportunity with you and offer advice about whether and how we can work together to fulfil your business dream.

Don’t forget

You will not be in business alone and won’t ever feel isolated – you will have the full support of our team of established business experts on hand whenever you need it! You will gain all the benefits of being your own boss but have the backup of a more comprehensive network, dedicated to supporting you all the way.

When the opportunity to invest in a CoLaz franchise arrived, I took them up on the offer. The process was very smooth and easy. Surinder explained everything and answered any questions I had. No matter how many times I bugged him. 🙂
Rubina Johal,
CoLaz Clinics Slough