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Training & Support

“Prospective franchisees often ask us why they have to pay us a monthly fee amounting to 8.5% of their clinic’s income. Read this page to find out why – and you will realise that 8.5% is a bargain for what you get! It’s also worth noting that almost all franchises charge a monthly fee like this, and the typical level of fees is around 10%-12%.”

– Manroop and Surinder.

Earning Potential

What you get and why it is worth it

The training and support delivered by the CoLaz franchise give you an immediate advantage over other aesthetic clinic start-ups. They may be feeling their way into the business on their own – but as a CoLaz franchisee, you will have help all the way.

As a CoLaz franchisee, you get initial training from us and ongoing training for you and your team. Our extensive experience in running the CoLaz aesthetic clinic business and supporting franchisees means we know what works and what doesn’t, so we train you in methods that we know will increase your chances of success.

We deliver training through our online training portal and face-to-face.

We support you in so many ways, including:

  • Ongoing management training: Virtual training that covers monitoring the performance of new management; training in sales, consultation, and conversion; how to lead staff training, handling complaints, and general support for other training needs as required
  • Leadership training for you as a franchisee
  • Training in the best ways to motivate and retain staff
  • Training in how to upsell and ensure targets are met
  • Limiting beliefs and emotions coaching: This will help you develop the confidence and mindset to become a successful entrepreneur! It will be delivered online and covered in our franchise meetings.
  • Receptionist training: New receptionists undergo training via the online portal, combined with practical in-store training by you, the owner. We monitor new receptionists via listening to phone calls, and we test them on consultation skills, based on a face-to-face presentation.
  • Ongoing treatment training for therapists: Manroop manages the training of therapists in the features and use of newly-launched products and treatments to ensure everything is smoothly delivered. We initially handle new orders for products and machinery and then hand over to the franchisees. We assist with setting up any asset finance required to fund the purchase of things like new equipment
  • Assistance with launching new treatments: Manroop helps franchisees with face-to-face training on treatments prior to clinics launching them. Initially, this training is free but once new clinics take off and become busy they will be expected to recruit someone to do the training – and we can supply someone to do this! Manroop says: “I have employed and trained one of my nurse friends who will be assisting franchisees. Franchisees will pay the trainer’s hourly rate plus the cost of equipment and products.”
  • Technical support on all aspects of your business
  • Advice on commercial leases (rent reviews, lease renewals, planning permissions, etc)
  • Website optimisation and development
  • Social media set-up
  • Lead generation and sales tracking
  • Set up of social PPC and Google Adwords
  • Managing Google ad campaigns and optimising performance
  • Online sales:We optimise the website, handle its design, and put new offers on the site linked to a shopping cart. All online sales are collected by Colaz franchising and distributed to the franchisees at the end of each month. We also put the sales on to your system and manage everything in regard to online sales – so much easier for you!
  • Marketing templates for newsletters and promotions: We create special offers, our design team designs them and updates the website and shopping cart. We also design social media posts to promote the offers, send out newsletters to all our website subscribers, and design html for franchisees to send to their software database. We also design social media posts and all marketing around offers so you can feature them on your own clinic website
  • New clinic leaflets, new treatment leaflets, and posters: All are designed by us and available for purchase
  • Monitoring local marketing that you do as a franchisee, and reviewing it to check if it is successful, so you can see what works. This saves you time as you don’t have to do it yourself.
  • Software updates to assist with marketing, lead tracking, report monitoring and feedback on new consultation conversion, and listening to phone calls during inspections to see if there is any room for improvement when speaking to potential new clients.
  • Assistance with Facebook leads and training on how to convert them into new clients
  • Organising and assisting with open day marketing campaigns and special offers, etc
  • The use of our comprehensive management software and all cloud-based IT equipment
  • Mystery shopping reporting to you, the clinic owner
  • Standardised processes, systems and equipment – makes life easier for you
  • Preferred supplier list
  • Sourcing suppliers and goods: This is cost-effective because we can often get better deals than an individual clinic could negotiate as a franchise. That means we can ensure that the cost you pay leaves enough margin for profit
  • We negotiate with suppliers to ensure that they provide good deals to our franchisees
  • Operational help: Ensuring franchisees are operating the franchise in accordance with our agreement, branding, customer services, quality standards, etc. This ensures you standards are high, which is vital in attracting and keeping clients
  • Continually developing software to support on-going changes, eg, consultation forms, booking system up-grades etc
  • Management of main website and leads
  • Supporting franchisees in all aspects of business development

  • Guiding franchisees in long-term growth strategies, setting up regular performance reviews and setting goals to achieve – actively helping your business to keep improving and growing

  • Management for continuous improvement. Manroop says: “Where clinics are underperforming, I usually oversee the management and implement changes to help. I assist the franchisees in making these changes and ensure they follow through with my advice. Occasionally, I may take over the financial side to control bank accounts to see what is coming in and overheads. If I feel owners are not coping we will employ managers at the clinic, who the franchisee employs. On top of that we provide full training and oversee their performance for up to 6 months. With CoLaz you will never have to struggle with problems on your own. Your success is our success so we will help you as much as you need

  • Help setting up recruitment ads. We assist with recruitment if franchisees need it

  • Assistance with resolving complaints, including advice and the supply of email drafts

  • Handling and assisting with any claims against the clinic, for instance, clients claim to have had severe reactions to treatments. “I will advise you about how to handle it and what documents are required,” Manroop says

  • Communication and listening to franchisees: Franchising involves honest two-way conversations between franchisor and franchisee. You will have the opportunity to voice your concerns and we will voice ours

  • Resolving partnership disputes, if any

  • Reviewing accounts and performance

  • Overseeing the branches and implementing any overall changes as necessary

  • Help with bookkeeping
  • Financial review of your clinic’s performance
  • Help with obtaining funding from banks and asset finance companies
  • Review turnover to ensure that you meet the profit set out in your franchise agreement to ensure your business thrives.
  • Supporting underperforming franchisees to turn their business around
  • Reviewing overheads and providing advice about how to reduce them if necessary
  • Assistance with planning new launches for treatments and product lines
  • Planning long term goals and ensuring that you are on target to meet them
  • Business plans and estate planning
  • Business sale exit goals
Being the boss of my own clinic has always been my dream, and CoLaz helped it happen so quickly. I had the idea in August, we found a property together by November, and the following year in February 2017, we were opened. It was all so quick! CoLaz gave me so much more than just support too, they helped me realise my dream, and without them, it would never have happened.
Shadi Shoureshi,
CoLaz Clinics Reading