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Why Choose Franchising

Why should I choose to open a clinic with a franchise?

“But I could open my own aesthetic clinic! I don’t need to invest in a franchise to do it!”

Well, of course you can go it alone and open your own clinic by yourself. Many people have done in the past. But if you have no experience of running your own business, it could prove difficult and take you a long time to get started.

A franchise with CoLaz is likely to make setting up your own clinic easier, and probably less risky.


We, the franchisors, have tested out the business model already, so we know what is needed to increase your chances of success – and there are already nine CoLaz franchises out there, proving that we know how to get an aesthetic clinic up and running.

What is a franchise?

A franchise offers you the chance to open a business of your own but using a business model that has ben tried and tested by someone else (the franchisor). As a franchisee, you invest a sum of money to receive the right to use the brand identity, plus training in the business methods that have been determined to be successful, based on previous experience. You also get a business operation manual and access to computer systems chosen or written to suit the specific franchise.

As well as finding suitable premises and fitting them out you also get support with launching your business, marketing and business development, plus initial and on-going support from the franchisor and the head office team. Specific support varies according to the franchise.

In return you pay the franchisor a fee to get started and then a regular monthly payment to cover the cost of the franchisor’s support services. The investment required and monthly fees also vary according to the franchise.

As a franchisee you are not an employee, because you are running your own business, but using the franchisor’s methods.

Research franchising thoroughly and ideally speak to others who have become franchisees before you sign any franchise agreement.


The Colaz franchise offers you a choice: you can run your franchised clinic as an owner-manager, managing it yourself, or you can recruit full-time managers to handle the running of your business. It’s your choice!

Here at Colaz we have designed our franchise to be different to every other franchise on the market.
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At first, I thought it was going to be impossible—having to transfer everything to a different company name, opening business accounts, holding meetings with suppliers — but with the support from Manroop and Surinder, everything was actually very quick and easy.
Alayika Parvez,
CoLaz Clinics Hounslow & Wembley

Get your aesthetic clinic up and running, with tested business model!