My Ideology For CoLaz

“Empowering people to feel sexy, smooth, and above all, confident!”

The CoLaz Advance Beauty Specialist Clinic franchise network is built upon the philosophy I founded my first beauty salon on. When I began the CoLaz enterprise back in 2005 with the initial premises, my intention was to establish a place that offered clients a unique experience, proven results and top end treatment for all ages, genders, skin colour. To me the most important aspect was that my clients walked out feeling confident, smooth and sexy.

Today, each of the clinics that join the franchise aim to provide clients with a memorable experience through a variety of niche specialist treatments. I’m proud to share that CoLaz clinics are now premier advance beauty providers within the Thames Valley region.

“Sexy, smooth, and above all, confident!” is not only my philosophy but the founding principle behind the success at CoLaz."

Discover The Advantages Of Owning A Colaz Beauty Clinic Franchise

Franchise owners enjoy the luxury of setting their own schedule and bringing home excellent money. Even if you already run your own salon or clinic, you can switch over to our proven franchise formula. Running your clinic business gets a whole lot easier when you take advantage of all the benefits of a CoLaz Franchise.

- Established research that brings you the latest treatments on the market that deliver results
- Profitable treatments
- Super reliable business and employee management systems
- Proprietary enterprise i-CoLaz software
- Exclusive Network training and support
- Marketing support
- Website that drives traffic
- Winning brand name with proven marketing capability and
much much more . . .

Our CoLaz Values

To maintain CoLaz’s success, my ongoing ethos is to continually assess and review the latest beauty and laser treatment technologies. The elite standards I’ve implemented throughout the franchise network ensure that all our therapies complement the many different complexions and skin types our varied clientele possess. Thus, ensuring all the customers who visit a CoLaz clinc anywhere across the country continue to receive top results according to their individual needs - an area where other non-brand salons perhaps fall short.

As such, CoLaz clients continue to recommend the exclusive - yet, affordable - services we offer to family and friends. Thanks to the fact that in each of the CoLaz brand clinics, we use only trusted, high-quality product brands and medical grade lasers in all the offered treatments.

The CoLaz Beauty Clinic Franchise Aim

The hair and beauty industry remain one of the hottest sectors in the UK with consistent upward trending growth. No matter the state of the economy, people always want to look and feel good.

CoLaz’s unique franchise opportunity operates on a proven high-demand business model to a consistently growing target audience. While more than 80% of women continue to be a key CoLaz demographic, there are an ever-increasing number of men expanding their grooming requirements to encompass the singular services CoLaz provides. An increased demand coupled with highly profitable returns is the ideal franchise combination for entrepreneurial prosperity.

Joining a growing beauty salon franchise , such as CoLaz, gives you the opportunity to run your own business. While at the same time, still being able to tap into the help and assistance of an established company.

Become a Salon Entrepreneur

Improve your business’ capability for growth and evolution with this established brand working in your favour.

Being part of the CoLaz beauty clinic franchise greatly diminishes the volatility you may experience in the risk to reward ratio of running your own business. As well as gaining the extensive support of the growing CoLaz network, you retain the thrill and excitement of starting your own clinic.

Contact me to discuss the profitable franchise opportunity today and discover how you too can be part of the CoLaz success story.
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