Who Is My Customer and How Do I Reach Them?

As you consider opening a CoLaz franchise, you’ll undoubtedly be wondering "who is my customer?” This page details who these people are and the best way to reach out to them.

The CoLaz laser hair removal salon client is not typical

Our customers are men and women of all ages, ethnicities, and lifestyles. Since laser hair removal is such a widespread procedure, we service all kinds of people: men who want to get rid of excessive back or leg hair, transgender individuals who want to remove facial hair, and women who are tired of waxing or shaving their legs, arms, and problem facial areas.

Even beyond cosmetically, there are numerous reasons that laser hair removal (or electrolysis for lighter hair), can benefit medical conditions.

Thyroid or hormone problems can cause excess body hair in women, ingrown hairs on men and women, and other problems that bleaching, shaving, or waxing just won’t help.

What other services does CoLaz have?

For each of these types of people, CoLaz has a service that benefits them—our other services available (facials, threading, hot stone massage, LED therapy for problem skin, and others) are just as versatile in many different markets.

Therefore, when you’re asking “who is my customer?” you’ll be pleased to find that it’s many people from all walks of life. The “typical” CoLaz customer is simply someone who cares about his or her physical and emotional appearance and wellbeing, as well as is located in the London metropolitan area, and has enough disposable income to afford luxury beauty services.

This is great news for a prospective franchisee –since a wider customer base means more business, and steady annual income.

How Do I Reach and Retain More Clients Like This?

By purchasing your own CoLaz laser hair removal salon

You are saying ‘yes’ to the advantages of running your own business with the proven system of the parent company, but how do you reach the customers that make the existing branches so successful?

  • Create a clean and inviting atmosphere. Salons, especially those that offer medical services like ours, require the utmost attention to cleanliness and a friendly inviting environment so that the customer is pleased with the experience and is then an endless source of positive word of mouth: the best marketing tool.
  • Focus franchise marketing in areas and through different media channels that the existing and prospective clientele already visit and consume. This is usually something to go over with your franchisor.
  • Keep contact lists of existing customers so that you can set phone reminders for their next appointment and follow up after their visit, and focus on fixing any customer’s less than ideal experience so that they become pleased enough to revisit.
  • Promote a gift card or loyalty program or both, and consider sending out thank you cards after clients purchase expensive treatments to show your appreciation for their continued business.

Now that you know the answer to the all important question of “who is my customer?” For more information about how you can begin your own CoLaz franchise and serve great clients, fill out an inquiry here.


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