Why Beauty Salon UK Franchises Are Popular Among New Start Ups

Today there are a variety of UK franchises, but those in the beauty salon industry tend to be some of the most lucrative ones. One reason for this is that the industry experiences a 7% annual growth rate, meaning there are great earnings potential for those who invest.

Franchising.com notes: “As a beautician […] franchising offers a proven way of doing business that retains customers and provides a standard of customer excellence. An established […] franchise reassures customers who recognize the salon brand, which is built through proven marketing strategies.”

For this reason and many others, beauty salons are some of the most popular UK franchises

For those looking to open a new business. People will always want to look and feel good, and beauty salons help them do that in many ways. Personal beauty and wellness services like laser hair removal, facials, waxing, and inch loss treatments will stay popular among franchise categories, even during recessions.

In the UK, beauty salons of all kinds are a £4 billion industry, with annual growth of .7%, and over 130,000 people employed as a result. Furthermore, UK adults spend around £5 billion a year on health and beauty products, and much of this amount goes to salon-provided services. For this reason alone, beauty salons consistently outperform other UK franchising businesses.

“According to a study commissioned by the International Spa Association, the number one reason clients give for visiting a spa is relaxation and stress relief. So it’s important to realise that beauty salons and spas are about more than good grooming, massages and waxes. For some, they are a kind of modern-day sanctuary,” notes a UK start-up website.

When considering different UK business for which to become a part

You can be reassured that the beauty therapy, salon, and spa industry is one with large and growing numbers that can help you increase your personal and financial value for many years to come.

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