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Whether you’re setting up a new clinic or you’re an established business owner or a beauty salon, looking for expansion opportunities, joining my growing beauty franchise will put you on the path to success. I can show you the metrics for optimizing your beauty salon and cultivating a client base that grows and stays loyal to you.

In fact, my proven business formula will help your clients promote your business FOR you through word of mouth. I'll help you learn all you need to know about the industry to get your new clinic business up and running. Furthermore, I’ll be behind you every step of the way when it’s open to help you flourish. You keep the freedom and control that self-employment offers while gaining all the benefits and business experience that come with the backing of a favorite brand.

In addition, I can help you shape and grow your beauty clinic business by training you in the latest high-quality beauty treatments, aesthetic treatments and services that, through my extensive market research, CoLaz provides for its niche market.

By honing high-quality treatment levels and superior levels of training, I’ve perfected a business model dedicated to meet the demands of Colaz’s target market. Excellent services are just one step in the process though, through CoLaz, I’ve combined a high-quality treatment menu with distinctive operational, marketing, and sales techniques.

Through this innovative approach, CoLaz has been able to provide services to a broader clientele than would typically be expected for these traditionally expensive and complex treatments


CoLaz is more than just a advance beauty clinic—it's a lifestyle choice. The CoLaz brand has a way of resonating with staff and clients alike, which equals more success for your future business.

Our Services Include

Hair Removal

- Laser Hair Removal
- Electrolysis
- Waxing
- Threading
- Dermaplaning

Skin Rejuventation

- IPL Skin Rejuvenation
- Chemical Peels
- Dermaroller (Microneedling)
- Dermapen
- Mesotherapy
- LED Light Therapy
- Hydrafacial

Inch Loss Treatments

- I -Lipo Inch loss (electrolipolysis)
- Ultrasound Cavitation
- Cellulite Reduction (RF)
- Fat Freeze
- Power Plates

Skin Blemishes

- Skin Tags Removal
- Warts Removal
- Mila Removal
- Moles Removal
- Thread Veins
- Acne Treatment
- Acnelan
- Cosmelan De Pigmentation

Non Surgical

- Plasma Eye Lift
- Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
- Wrinkle Reduction Injection
- Dermal Fillers
- HIFU Facelift
- Vaginal Tightening
- Brazilian Bum Lift
- Microblading

Model For Treatments

The business model that I’ve launched in CoLaz has been perfected over decades. I’ve dedicated time and research during the company’s growth and expansion to staying current and tailoring the treatments on offer to meet the target market. This critical in-depth knowledge about hair removal and associated services has served to help CoLaz become one of the most renowned beauty clinic franchises in Southeast England.

My Plan

My plan was never simply to create just a mere laser hair removal treatment business. I believe in training and expanding our network to include other treatments and complementary therapies as well as cutting edge services which will enhance the overall client package.

But more importantly from the franchise owner's perspective, these trending services also generate a significant additional profit margin of their own. By joining CoLaz, you will leverage the established reputation, proven services and systems, and high-performance sales model of an immensely successful beauty franchise.

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