CoLaz Franchise Opportunity

At CoLaz, I have strived to build a full-service, niche beauty salon franchise that our clients across the UK would come to love and remain loyal to. So, I want to ensure you have all the facts at your disposal before you decide to join us as a CoLaz franchisee partner. An inherent part of what makes the CoLaz franchise successful is the integrity and fit of the people who join us.

A profitable franchise business is a two-way relationship between the franchise owner and franchisee partner. As such, it’s important that the partnership works for all parties, and full disclosure helps to ensure that we are both on the same page.

I’m often asked the same question about the CoLaz franchise opportunity, “Do I need experience in the salon industry?" And the answer is simple: Not at all! You don’t even need previous franchising experience! I am simply looking for business savvy owners who want to build, lead, and grow their own teams and salons!

As with any successful business, a profitable salon merely requires hardworking individuals who can balance the need for a hands-on role with the necessary management skills. You don’t need to have previous expertise in the industry. CoLaz will provide full help and training in all areas of the franchisee business, and as much support as you require for the day-to-day operations which will be organised by yourself.  

FROM £24,950

CoLaz offers a full business franchise package
which includes the following:

- Licensing rights
- Head office training
- In-salon training
- In-territory launch programme
- Site selection/lease negotiation
- Business stationery
- Promotional literature
- Website
- I-CoLaz - IT software
- Corporate uniform
- Operations manual


CoLaz Clinic: Today, I believe the CoLaz clinic franchise model is one of the strongest in the UK within the health, aesthetic and beauty industry. While our clinics are anything but average, they do all have several common factors to keep them aligned with the CoLaz brand.

The premises, once selected with the assistance of the franchisor, will need to be suitably designed and internally refurbished in the CoLaz corporate colours. The CoLaz design ideals incorporate sleek, modern aesthetics while promoting a clean, comfortable atmosphere to soothe and relax our clients. My team will provide all the support you need to design and outfit a high-class establishment in keeping with the mission statement. 

CoLaz Salon

The clinic itself will consist of a reception area that is suitably equipped with seating, a reception desk, and CoLaz branding. Additionally, it is typical to incorporate a separate consulting room with video capabilities to deliver a professional presentation of the available services for potential clients.  

In addition, the potential premises require:

  • A specified laser treatment room
  • Inch loss treatment room
  • Advance aesthetic treatment rooms
  • Consultation room
  • An ambient, richly themed relaxation room for massages and other beauty associated treatments

Some of the above-mentioned facilities may be combined into a single space, depending on the square footage of space available.

Ideally, the premises should have a secondary position with window frontage. A large window is important to display CoLaz signage depicting the strap line, “Advanced Beauty Specialists”. This establishes your place of business. The windows will be redecorated periodically, with images of the beauty treatments available to entice passing foot fall traffic.


Clinic Requirements
As well as organising the chosen premises, the CoLaz franchisee partner will also need telephone, broadband connections, and other associated utilities. These will be registered to and run by the clinic owner. Also of note, CoLaz extensively uses a dedicated on-line texting service as a promotional tool, and to remind clients of pre-booked appointments. The SMS service runs together with Google advertising and promotions too.  

In line with the CoLaz philosophy of quality, service, and the needs of our customers, it is important that the clinic offer effective and affordable beauty and laser treatments. As the clinic owner, it is your responsibility to enhance and optimise your business with the full support of the CoLaz brand.


As a franchisee you will be an entrepreneur who is willing to put in the hard work required to be successful.  You have a dream you wish to turn into reality and will do everything possible to make it happen.

Qualities of an outstanding franchisee are:

Big picture thinker: You share the vision and understand- to get results you need to handle and manage different parts of the franchise within your clinic for example finances, customer satisfaction etc

People skills: You must have great communication and listening skills as you will be dealing with employees, franchisors, public, suppliers etc. These skills can be developed over time with the support of the training we provide

Coachability: This is the key to success as the willingness to learn and accept the advice given, will help you to grow.

Work Ethics: This is essential as to succeed you must be willing to put 100% in your franchise. This will help you row your business in the right direction and inspire your staff to work even harder and deliver the results you want.

Be able to follow rules: The franchise has set procedures, policies, business model and rules that need to be adhered to. 

Results orientated: You as the franchisee will be able to deliver results and ongoing sales to ensure the success of your franchise.

Calm and collective at all times: This is essential personality trait to have as it will ensure you are successful in time of crisis. 

Team player: As a franchise we work as one team and one business, which ensure the success of the brand. You must be able to work with us and the other franchisees.

Commitment and motivation: You must be committed to the business and be motivated to deliver the results required to be successful. You  will be actively involved in developing your business.

You as the franchisee partner will require a professional approach with regard to running your business, marketing and selling the services of CoLaz. From the initial set up of their new businesses through to fruition and beyond, the franchisee partners must be willing to operate under the CoLaz full business format system. This includes adapting and adopting to any new methods as and when they are introduced. That being said, I always welcome and encourage individual ideas, especially if they can be employed across the whole network.


You are not alone and won’t ever feel isolated–you will have the full support of an established business on-hand whenever you need it. You will gain all the benefits of being your own boss but have the back-up of a wider network supporting you all the way.
Does this sound like the UK franchise opportunity for you?


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