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Becoming a franchisee is a major decision for anyone to undertake. This can sometimes be difficult as many franchise businesses may attempt to gloss over certain aspects of their organisation. Therefore, before signing on the dotted line, the savvy entrepreneur endeavours to learn everything she—or he—possibly can about the nature of the industry they are entering.

The CoLaz franchise maintains their network and reputation by being open about all areas. With this in mind, we want to share insights from the CoLaz franchisee experience from our current partners. We’re proud to be in business with all of them. As much family as franchise, the success of our partners is what builds and makes CoLaz the business it is before you.


Kam joined us in 2015, tired of the long days at the factory and never seeing her family. Driven by the determination to realise her dreams as an entrepreneur, she has been very successful in the Derby franchisee.

"My ambitions were telling me to move up and on as I have always strived to succeed at new challenges. And at the time I was considering the franchise move I had lived in this country for 21 years.I wanted to become the most that I could be, and I felt that opportunity lay with CoLaz. The support has, and continues, to always be there. Being part of CoLaz was a major transition for me, and it is thanks to the support given by the franchise that it has been awesome."


Dr Jani and his wife Lalita approached us in 2014. They were both new to the beauty industry, but with our support and training they’ve been able to embrace the venture whole heartedly.

"We saw an opportunity in the industry to make money and CoLaz already had very well-established branches. We were impressed with Manroop's attitude and business skills, and CoLaz also provided immediate training, so Lalita was able to do the necessary courses with them." Lalita: "It would have been so much more difficult without Manroop and Surinder. We always had their support and help to aid the Harrow branch to grow. When we opened the branch Manroop, Priya and Ruby other franchisee branch managers) really helped a lot."


Alayika first came to us in 2014 as a receptionist, but with her skills, she quickly moved up to branch manager. She first became a franchisee partner with the Hounslow branch but has also recently celebrated the opening of her second branch in Wembley.

"Working with CoLaz has helped me achieve so much, and I’ve learned a lot about both business and the beauty industry with them. In my third year of working for CoLaz, I was surprised at being made on offer by the franchise to buy one of the branches. And I can honestly say, it was one of the best choices I ever made! At first, I thought it was going to be impossible—having to transfer everything to a different company name, opening business accounts, holding meetings with suppliers, etc.—but with the support from Manroop and Surinder, everything was actually very quick and easy."


Dee joined us as the branch manager in our Hounslow branch before taking on the franchisee at Paddington.

"I worked for many different companies before CoLaz and what stood out to me was their friendly, honest and professional approach to customers. It is highly impressive, as the latest specialist machines CoLaz use for treatments with customers help them achieve the results they have always wanted. Joining the franchise has helped me a lot in saving up for a house of my very own and putting my son through private education. From motivational messages to daily emails, I can work confidently knowing that Manroop and Surinder are only a phone call away."


After moving from Iran to the UK, Shadi joined us in 2012 with an ambition to own her own business and be part of a thriving franchise.

"Being the boss of my own clinic has always been my dream, and CoLaz helped it happen so quickly.I had the idea in August 2016, we found a property together by November, and we signed the contract in February 2017 the following year it was all so quick! Manroop and Surinder gave me so much more than just support too, they helped me realise my dream, and without them, it would never have happened."


Ruby was an area manager at our Slough branch, and we saw great things in her work ethic. CoLaz approached her to see if she would like to move up to become a franchisee owner and we’ve been in successful partnership ever since!

"After being in the beauty industry for few years and having already worked for CoLaz, I knew this was the company for me. So, when the opportunity arrived, I took them up on the offer. The process was very smooth and easy. Surinder explained everything and answered any questions I had. No matter how many times I bugged him. :) "


Sisters Priya and Reena worked for us at our Southall branch in 2010 before CoLaz even became a franchise. We were happy to extend the offer of franchisee ownership to the pair, and we haven’t been disappointed. They’ve consistently gone above and beyond their targets ever since!

"The opportunity to own the CoLaz Southall branch was truly special for us, as this was the first branch we came into and so it's as if we have nourished this branch from the beginning. Overall, the CoLaz system is very simple and systematic. A business in this industry with the CoLaz brand name behind you really helps, as it is already well-established, well-known and trusted by thousands."
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