A Tanning Franchise Limits Your Success and Harms Your Clients - Choose CoLaz Instead

Of all the salon franchise opportunities available, a tanning franchise is far from your best option. 

Tanning salons seem to be on every corner, so they give the appearance of being popular and advantageous to own. But what you don’t see is that inside, sun booths and appointment books are empty; tanning franchise popularity is decreasing day by day.

Continue to read below to find out what kind of salon franchise you can own instead to create the best business you can own.

Why A Tanning Franchise Limits Your Success

Tanning franchise popularity is slowly but surely subsiding today due to abundant research on the negative effects that tanning causes. Cancer Research UK says that UV radiation from outdoor or indoor tanning contributes to premature aging and skin cancer more than any other beauty treatment.

They also say that “The number of people getting melanoma has shot up in the UK since it became popular to have a tan and go abroad for holidays.” Suntanned skin almost always leads to a higher likelihood for serious skin ailments like cancer and signs of premature aging such as dull, lifeless skin, abnormal coloring, sun spots, and wrinkles.

Therefore, owning a salon that specialises in tanning services might not be the most profitable idea. If people keep on rightly discovering all the harmful side effects of UV beds, your business will make less and less money until you have to shut your doors.

Not only that, you probably don’t even want to contribute to horrible skin problems like wrinkles and cancer when you’re in the business of making people feel more beautiful. 

The Good News Is…

There’s an excellent alternative to owning a tanning franchise and it’s within your reach. CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal, one of London’s top names for laser hair removal services, is now offering the sale of their franchise to qualified business people and beauty industry leaders.

You already know that franchising is a great way to run your own salon business without having to create one from its beginnings. Now you can find out how much more you could be making with a CoLaz franchise. Laser hair removal treatments are safe, effective, and growing in popularity.

CoLaz clients return happy for each series of treatments and tell their family and friends about their experience. The next positive referral could lead people to your CoLaz salon.

Laser hair removal is much more lucrative and medically safe than what a tanning franchise can offer you.

Call CoLaz today to see how achievable it is to run your own hair removal salon franchise. Click here for any inquiries you may have—we hope to hear from you soon.

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