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At CoLaz, we believe in supporting our franchisee partners through every step of the business process. The level of training and support I’ve established within the franchise opportunity defines and embodies the type of franchise network that is being successfully built across the UK.

Through the model, franchise partners receive complete franchise fulfillment assistance including real estate positioning, project management during the initial setup / refurbishment phase, staff recruitment and much more. We take care of the whole project from start to finish and hand you the keys to your clinic on day one, fully staffed and operational. That is not all we also offer in-depth training and dedicated ongoing support to ensure your success.

CoLaz franchisee partners, are trained in the operation of every aspect of the business, so you don’t need to worry if you do not have any previous experience in running a business or experience in the hair and beauty industry. Not only does the business model I’ve setup train and support you with the enterprise side of running a salon, marketing, sales, accounting, recruitment and management—but my team also help you get up to speed with being able to deliver the quality personal beauty, aesthetic and wellness services which CoLaz is renowned for.


The driving factors behind our success at CoLaz are:

- A proven, profitable business model
- An increasing awareness surrounding beauty, aesthetics and wellness across the UK
- A predictable rise in the population who have a desire to undergo niche beauty treatments
- Beauty, aesthetic and wellness have become more gender-neutral with more men who are also keen to come in for treatments
- A growing tendency among customers to choose beauty treatments at classy clinics
- Working with an established brand inherently comes with support and a positive reputation—no need to build your business image up from scratch
- You are never alone—whatever dilemma you face, whether it’s isolated to your clinic or it’s affecting the whole network, we are all there for each other—your problem is our problem
- You gain all the benefits of being a business owner—creating your own team, running your own business, outlining your own schedule, etc.—on top of  the support of a comprehensive network
- Ultimately, the CoLaz franchise team are there to assist and encourage you every step of the way

The Whole Package

In partnership with my other company the Beaulaz Beauty Salon School and Laser Training Centre, all the CoLaz franchisee partners undergo extensive training in all the treatments the franchise offering excels at offering. If you are new to the industry and have no beauty qualification then our sister company Beaulaz can assist you in acquiring all levels of NVQ Beauty Therapy and Laser/IPL such as laser hair removal and much more.

When you become a CoLaz franchisee partner, my team will support your choice with access to my proven business model and the team will work closely with you to customize it to your needs. This includes every aspect you may need help with, right from the very start.

Starting Support

Let’s look at all the steps of support my team and business model provides you:

- Tailoring a business plan to suit your situation
- Guidance on applying for your business loan
- Assistance with finding the right location in your chosen territory
- Expert experience and advice on clinic design
- Project management on complete salon fit-out and sourcing equipment
- Excess to our suppliers at discounted rates
- Staff recruitment process
- Set up of clinic
- Onsite training
- Online training
- A fully supported website page and marketing leads
- All marketing for the launch and will also provide you with all the necessary business manuals, marketing and advertising materials, brand business stationery and corporate
- Image stock to help you on your path to success.

Continuous Support and Feedback

Once you are successfully up-and-running, have no fear that CoLaz will just leave you to work everything out for yourself. We strive to provide you continuous support for running your franchise. We will ensure you are not alone and ensure that your team is also supported. Here are examples of support we offer after opening:

The franchise relationship provides:

- Regular salon visits to discuss business development
- A help-line facility for any questions or issues you may have
- Full time website development and management for the CoLaz brand featuring your salon
- #1 search engine results ranking in your area for your business
- Access to the brands proven promotional campaign, advertising, and direct marketing
- National marketing and PR
- Monthly outgoing newsletters to customers driving business to your franchise
-Marketing designs for ongoing promotional content
- Online training for your staff
- Yearly training dates for new staff
- Periodic CoLaz Franchisee Partnership meetings—where you can meet the rest of the network
-A complete business coaching and mentoring scheme to help keep you on track

On top of all this, my team strive to continually grow and adapt to market trends and opportunities. I ensure that all this market research and knowledge is continually shared with CoLaz franchisee partners through training sessions, informal visits, and discussions. CoLaz aim to stay on the cutting edge of hair and beauty trends, which means your business stays fashionable and contemporary too.

The training and support that you gain as a CoLaz franchisee partner is among the best available in the UK hair and beauty industry today.

Join the CoLaz franchise network and stay current.

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