Starting A Salon

Business With CoLaz Takes The Risk Out Of Business Ownership

The beauty and dermatology industries are steadily growing, and laser hair removal salons are positioned advantageously right in between the two. 

Starting a salon business has never been easier than with your franchising opportunity from CoLaz. Economic slumps don’t affect the beauty industry because people consistently value how efficient salon treatments are compared to the quality of what they can do at home.

Read on to see how you can benefit from the continued success of CoLaz’s salon business with franchising.

The Popularity of Laser Hair Removal

Starting a salon business in the laser hair removal specialty is lucrative for many reasons.

  • The tools and machines are a one-time purchase for multiple uses on numerous clients.
  • The treatments are profitable.
  • The business is steady from all ages of men and women. It generally takes 4-6 appointments to fully treat a client, and of course no hair removal is truly permanent, so you still have the opportunity for return visits.
  • New technologies are being developed all the time. Laser hair removal is only getting safer and more widely accepted with each advancement.

According to Modern Salon, total salon industry revenue is reported to be more than £2 billion. The prospect of the beauty and dermatology industries is just as positive.

Popular UK sources note that “The skin care market has experienced 5.7 per cent growth between 2006 and 2011 and is now estimated to be worth £2,203 million,” says one publication. More than ever, “…People are seeking affordable, accessible, accredited clinics for skin care treatment,” says another.

This means that no matter the economic climate, customers will continue to patronise trusted spas and salons. 

The Franchising Short Cut

You could spend years trying to build up a name for yourself in the laser hair removal market and go through rigorous training at beauty school to be able to administer treatments yourself. Or, by starting a salon business with CoLaz, you could have the advantages of:

  • Using an established brand for instant recognisability and popularity
  • A proven business model to orchestrate and teach you the best salon practices
  • Support and guidance of the franchise owners
  • Sharing advertising and marketing costs with other salon locations
  • A management only opportunity. You don’t have to go to beauty school to own the salon, and CoLaz handles all your employee training

Franchising is the best way to become a business owner without all the hassle of building your own empire.

Statistics prove that you have a much better chance for success as a franchisee, and now the profitability of the CoLaz name is yours to adopt. Click here to contact CoLaz with questions you have regarding the first step in starting a salon business.

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