Start A Franchise Business

How Long From When I Start a Franchise Business Can I Have It Up and Running?

In the scale of your whole lifetime, starting a new business can happen in the blink of an eye.

When you decide to start a franchise business with CoLaz, you gain the backing of our proven laser hair removal salon business model, and the recognizable branding of our organization.

If you have made the decision to accept the rewards of running your own business, congratulations! But you might now be asking:

What Kind Of Time Table Will I Be Looking At When I Start A Franchise Business?

The answer varies. Your first steps of signing a franchise agreement and making a franchise business plan can go very quickly - within a couple of weeks.

CoLaz will then handle all the training and certifications of you and your employees, so this step can be very fleeting as well, especially if it overlaps with the search for or building of your retail location.

This is an important decision, as your location directly affects your success, and it can take anywhere from a few weeks (if a building is already for lease and available), to a few months (if you are waiting for a building under construction) to find the perfect place for your brand new salon.

Once you have decided on a store location and have all the training and equipment you need, it’s simply a matter of opening your CoLaz salon for business!

Overall, the entire process can take place in as few as 3 to 4 months – which is a very short period of time to wait for ownership of a profitable business in an exciting, fun industry. To inquire about opening your own CoLaz laser hair removal salon, click here now.