Small Franchises

Help Your Career In A Big Way

There are numerous benefits to opening an established franchise over starting a new small enterprise. Small franchises allow you freedom from having to create your own business plan, construct your own brand, or go about operations with yourself as the only expert. A proven business model is your guide to success and franchise owners can always trust the guidance of the parent company. Read on to discover other ways in which a small franchise like CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal could be the right choice for your entrepreneurial needs.

Advantages of Launching Small Franchises

Small franchises are usually those business chains with fewer than 10 or 20 stores. CoLaz operates four successful laser hair removal branches in the London metropolitan area and is looking for ambitious, experienced people to become new franchise owners and managers. Just a few of the great advantages that come with opening an established CoLaz salon over that of a much larger salon franchise are:

Freedom and flexibility - CoLaz offers a management franchise opportunity, meaning we handle all the consistent training of employees and technicians, leaving you the time to do your job without a million other obligations. Also, while you can depend on the foundation of the CoLaz business model, small franchises are not completely opposed to your great suggestions for improvement.

Less competition - imagine opening a fast food or hotel chain. There are literally thousands of them in extremely close proximity to one another. CoLaz will work hard to help find you the perfect location for your own laser hair removal salon. There should be no inter-brand competition and as few as possible outside competitors nearby. Additionally, there is less competition to own one of the stores. Big franchises can get thousands of applications to own, whereas CoLaz focuses on a small number of elite business people to select for ownership.

Stress-free environments - CoLaz owner/manager meetings don’t require a stage and microphone. Your employees will not need to be referred to by 5-digit numbers. The environment of small franchises like ours is very personal, laid-back, and stress-free.

These are the principle components we built our affordable laser hair removal salons on, and your CoLaz franchises can follow suit. The market is ready: the British Franchise Association notes that small franchises have reported 91% profitability within the last year, and your chances for financing are much better as well. Click here to contact CoLaz today and see what possibilities await you when you decide that small franchises are the way to go.