Small Business for Women

Finally, A Small Business for Women That Understands Your Needs

Today, a growing number of women are looking for leadership opportunities in the business world. While some may still hold onto traditional career roles as wives, mothers, and employees, many more are embracing entrepreneurialism and taking their financial futures into their own hands.

CoLaz has worked tirelessly to create a leading small business for women, specifically gearing our organization towards your unique needs. If you or someone you know is ready to stop being an employee and start being an owner, you may find that our franchise opportunity is the perfect fit.

For many women, small business ownership creates an avenue that leads to increased financial freedom, a feeling of empowerment, and the flexibility to design a schedule that works with family priorities. As female business ownership continues to rise, the result has been that more and more women find themselves assuming roles of leadership within their family and community.

Running a company used to be viewed as a “game played in a man’s world,” but today the field has been leveled. The result is that women just like you are now able to capitalize on tremendous opportunities that simply would not have been available even twenty years ago.

We think you'll agree that a Colaz Advanced Beauty Specialists franchise is one of those unique opportunities. Consider the advantages of an exclusive Colaz Franchise:

Risk Level – Does the business have a proven track record of success? For CoLaz the answer is yes, with four successful salons being operated and several more planned to be opened soon.

Training – What system exists for employee management and training? CoLaz’s managed-franchise approach means that we provide your employees with the training they'll need to be successful, which frees you from the time, headaches, and expenses of doing it on your own.

Corporate Branding – Is the business brand recognized and well established among the markets? We’re proud of the fact that the CoLaz brand name has come to be associated with the best health and beauty care in the entire UK.

Efficiency – Does the business model provide an efficient business plan? Owned and operated by female entrepreneur Manroop Ahitan, CoLaz understands that efficiency is a critical criterion for women balancing family and business.

Goals, Passion, Vision – Is this a small business for women that’s aligned you’re your dreams, needs, and aspirations? Opening a CoLaz franchise allows you to start and grow a business that improves the lives of others be making them look and feel beautiful.

Growth – Does the business model and industry allow for personal and leadership business growth? CoLaz is committed to empowering women through the creation of a sustainable business opportunity that offers high growth potential.

After evaluating the above factors, it should become clear just how life changing the CoLaz franchise opportunity is.

We provide one of the most proven, profitable, and people focused franchise models in the entire beauty industry, and our commitment to helping our partners succeed is unwavering. If you’re looking for the best small business for women, we strongly urge you request more information by filling out our online form today.

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