Low Cost Franchises

CoLaz Low Cost Franchises Are High Return Investments

If you’re wondering how to become a business owner without all the years of planning and building from scratch, we have the perfect solution. CoLaz’s low cost franchises are just that: low in cost and low in risk, but high in reward. Purchasing a laser hair removal salon is a great way to break into the small business world without all the hassle of starting your own business. See how CoLaz low cost franchises can help you improve your income and your career.

Low Cost, High Reward

Some large franchises like fast food or hotel chains have thousands of applicants looking to own, strict management obligations, and high entry costs. CoLaz is a different kind of franchise. Purchasing your own CoLaz laser hair removal salon is more economical than buying into another salon chain. We offer small, low cost franchises. This means there’s less same-brand competition in the London area, less management stress, and less initial cost.  

The initial investment of a CoLaz salon is the very reasonable, average price of a major hair salon or esthetician spa franchise. Except with laser hair removal, you benefit from significantly higher profit margins and lower costs of overhead. Overhead means the supplies, tools, and products that you have to purchase continuously to be able to provide your services. For example, in hair and makeup salons or spas, these materials can include:

  • Shampoo & conditioners
  • Drying and styling hair product
  • Colourant
  • Foils
  • Hair dryers, straighteners, curlers
  • Styling chairs
  • Perming chairs and materials

These are just some of the things you’ll be repeatedly purchasing if you were to choose a hair salon franchise. With low cost franchises like laser hair removal salons, the overhead is significantly less. This is because you will only need one or two multiuse machines to provide thousands of treatments to your clients.

Your Fast Track To Small Business Success

CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal Salons are low cost franchises that can help you reach your full potential as a manager and business owner. If you’re looking for a career in the beauty industry but are wary of all the costs, research, planning, and involvement it takes to get a new business running from scratch, CoLaz is your solution. Small, local, low cost franchises are the perfect way to ensure your future success with a proven business model. When you start operating your CoLaz salon and offering popular, lucrative laser hair removal treatments, you’ll be glad you went with low cost franchises like us.  

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