Can I Buy Multiple CoLaz

Laser Hair Removal Franchises?

If you’re wondering: “Can I Buy Multiple CoLaz Laser Hair Removal Franchises?” this is where you’ll find the answer. Some franchise opportunities only allow you to own and operate one store, but CoLaz recognises the financial benefits of owning more than one branch.

Your success in life is often determined by the amount of effort and perseverance you put in, and the same is true for your future success owning and operating your CoLaz laser hair removal franchises.

Do you allow franchisees to purchase other locations?
Some franchises firmly prohibit their franchisees from purchasing more than one location, but that also hurts your income potential. CoLaz provides you with more opportunities by allowing our franchisees to open as many salons as they can effectively finance and run.

After all, your success shouldn't be limited to one profitable salon if you can afford another retail space, and the equipment needed to provide service for a whole new area of London.

Opening multiple franchises with CoLaz

Multiple-Unit Franchising is not available through every franchise business, but it is the key to rapid system growth and therefore supported at CoLaz.

We currently operate four branches of our laser hair removal salon, and each serves an entirely different customer base. We have thousands of satisfied clients, and we would not have been able to reach them all with just one location.

There are thousands of customers in London, and they are looking to benefit from services like those that we offer at our beauty and laser hair removal franchises— so why shouldn't you be able to capitalise on many new and untapped customer bases at once?

How CoLaz advanced beauty training will allow you to open multiple franshises

With simple qualities like reliable team training, (which is offered through CoLaz’s management franchise opportunity), brand cohesiveness, and consistent procedures, you can effectively manage more than one CoLaz salon.

By owning multiple CoLaz salons, you will benefit from being able to divide like costs across your locations and reach a larger market, maximising the effects of your advertising purchases.

If collecting exponentially higher revenues and client bases in addition to extensive managerial experience sound like qualities you desire for your career, get started with CoLaz today by filling out the contact form here.