An Outline Of Your Initial Investment

Discover how to become a CoLaz franchisee partner
and what your investment will include

It takes money to start any kind of business and franchises are no exception. Put simply, franchising is the granting of a license by the Franchisor to the Franchisee Partner, which entitles the Franchisee Partner to trade under an established brand-name (CoLaz in this case) and make use of an entire package of benefits.

As a business model, franchising is booming across the UK and there are more than 897 very active franchise brands thriving. Franchising investment options run the gamut from low to high-cost investments. Packages tend to include start-up costs (franchise fees, equipment, supplies, even real estate too, etc.), on top of the necessary reserve capital needed to drive the business until it generates positive cash flow.

With the demand being what it is in the hair and beauty industry, CoLaz provides an investment opportunity with high probable returns. It should take no time at all to recoup your initial investment in a very short space of time.

How Much is a CoLaz Franchise?

CoLaz can offer you a proven, tired and test business model that works for you.

The franchise opportunity for our model starts with an initial fee of £24,950 which covers the license rights, training, launch program, site selection and negotiation, project management of refurbishment, stationary, literature, website, software & recruitment.

Cost of Clinic Set Up

This is normally in the region of £120,000 - £300,000 and is dependable on what treatments are offered, equipment, location, amount of refurbishment required and other factors. Contact us to find out more . . .

How Much Liquid Capital Will I Need?

As long as you have a minimum of £50,000 then we can finance the rest of the costs by assets finance which also includes the finance for the building costs.

What is My Earning Potential?

This depends on many factors such as the location of the clinic, owners commitment to the business and the size of premises, however we are confident if you give your 100% to the business then your initial capital invested of £50,000 is paid back within 2 years and your finance cost is repaid within 5 years. You will also be paid a director divided and this depends on the performance of the branch.

What Next?

If you schedule a call with us we will explain the procedure and arrange a face to face meeting to go over the set up. We will then help you prepare a business plan which will show you the cost of set up and your profit and loss estimates for the 5 years ahead.

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