Hair Removal Course
Further Your Beauty Business Career
With A Hair Removal Course

Since you’re exploring the CoLaz franchising site, you probably already know how easy and lucrative purchasing a franchise is. But maybe you’re considering the benefits of a hair removal course as well.

A franchise is the short cut to owning your own business, being your own boss, and enjoying a satisfying career without the years it can take to start from nothing.

A great way to supplement your decision to franchise with CoLaz is with hair removal course qualifications from their sister company Beaulaz.

You Choose Your Career, You Choose The Limits

Franchising comes with its own set of great advantages over trying to begin your own small business. You get to use existing branding, guidance from owners, and a proven business model to support your new salon location.

If you’re a strong leader and have a mind for business or enough managerial experience, you’re already a competitive candidate for CoLaz ownership. But what can give you that extra push or ensure that when you run your own salon, you can administer treatments too? A hair removal course from Beaulaz.

Our sister beauty and laser training company qualifies thousands of students for beauty therapy and esthetician jobs with NVQ courses. You too can be comprehensively trained to expert levels so that you can treat your clients and understand exactly what your technicians are doing.

CoLaz is one of London’s premier names in laser hair removal, laser lipo, skin rejuvenation, and LED light therapy. Some of the other things that make us the best choice for your laser hair removal salon franchise are as follows:

  • We’re low cost – an average priced initial investment means you can easily attain enough financing to fully cover your retail location and machinery costs
  • We’re local – an international franchise can’t offer the personal assistance our local owners can
  • We’re small – you don’t have to compete with thousands of people all applying for the same position. With the right background, the opportunity is yours.
  • We’re management only – CoLaz trains all of your employees so you can be hands-off and focus on running the salon
  • We’re a beauty school too – Our sister company Beaulaz is the final advantage that should help you make your decision. A hair removal course series with them can get you right to the top, as far as being able to offer services in your own salon

You can get the most out of your exciting new endeavor when you’re able to administer laser treatments too. 

A hair removal course from Beaulaz is the only thing you need to make that happen in your own CoLaz franchise. Take a course in laser hair removal to become a specialist as well as a dynamic business owner. Click here to contact CoLaz with any inquiries you may have.