Hair Removal Schools

Hair Removal Schools Create Great Salon Employees

CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal salons only hire the best and most experienced staff. We ensure this by choosing our employees straight from hair removal schools like our sister company Beaulaz. Beaulaz comprehensively trains beauty therapists and estheticians to expert levels so they can go on to great careers at our own salons. But this great pool of applicants will be available to your salon too when you decide on a CoLaz franchise as your new business.

The Basis For A Great Laser Hair Removal Salon

Hair removal schools are where great employees get their start. At Beaulaz Beauty and Laser Training Center, our experts go over every aspect of the laser hair removal process. They also offer classes on LED therapy, waxing and threading, Laser Lipo, hot stone massage, and other lucrative salon services. These students then become certified beauty therapists or estheticians who are eligible for great careers at CoLaz.

Once you’ve decided you want to take a new life path and run your own business, you’re on your way to the great career waiting for you at CoLaz. The CoLaz franchise opportunity has never been offered before, but is now available to beauty industry leaders and experienced managers or business owners. Purchasing a franchise instead of starting your own business offers numerous advantages, including:

- The use of a proven business model
- Established branding for ultimate customer recognition and market adaptation
- Shared marketing costs with other franchise locations
- Statistically higher chances for success

CoLaz even boasts some unique benefits:

We’re a management franchise - we have a sister company that is one of the top hair removal schools and qualifies students for a position in your salon. But we also fully train them for the specific job required. This means you can focus on being a manager.
We’re UK based - our local owners are willing and able to assist you along the way of the franchise journey. Not only that, but your business will help your own local economy.
We’re low-cost - an average initial investment price means you have more capital leftover to purchase tools and supplies.
We’re small - don’t buy into a franchise that has thousands of stores. They can’t be concerned with the success of each owner, but CoLaz is.

At CoLaz, we only hire the most qualified and experienced technicians to perform our many services, and they are usually right out of hair removal schools like Beaulaz. The resource of knowledgeable, fully trained employees can be available to your CoLaz salon as well. Click here to contact CoLaz and inquire about opening your own franchise today.