Don’t Go With A Hair Franchise,
Choose A Hair Removal Franchise

If you’re in the market to purchase a business, a hair franchise might have been the first idea you came up with. But it’s often too true that the first idea isn’t usually the best one. CoLaz laser hair removal salons offer a unique service to a wide market of men and women all over the UK. 

Hair salons are so common that you see one on every corner. Think of how hard it will be to find your own niche market and create new customers when they each already patronise other salons!

Laser hair removal is completely different. It is growing in popularity and you can see why it’s the best franchise option for you by reading this page.

You’re Unique, Choose A Unique Business

Sure, a hair franchise seems like a profitable choice because almost everyone uses one. But each salon has to earnestly compete for clients since you can get a haircut or highlights practically anywhere.

This leads to intense price competition and the driving down of once-decent profits.

With laser hair removal, all of these problems are nonexistent. The market of laser hair removal businesses is much more elite than that of hair salons.

Clients must choose from only a few established brands. CoLaz is one of the top UK laser hair removal salons due to their affordability and proven track record with satisfied clients. 

So consider the business aspect of a laser hair removal franchise instead of a salon styling hair franchise:

  • Laser hair removal is a more expensive procedure and requires more than one treatment – you make more sales over the long run
  • Tools and supplies for laser hair removal are a one-time purchase, there are almost no continuous overhead costs like shampoo, blow dryers, and towel service – this translates to more profit than a hair franchise because you earn more and spend less.
  • Less populous locations – people go out of their way to come to CoLaz, salons are on every corner
  • Laser hair removal helps people with medical conditions such as hormonal imbalances overcome side effects like overgrown facial and body hair, restoring their self-confidence

Make Your Salon Franchise Better

If you’re looking to purchase a hair franchise to own and operate, you must already know how profitable the beauty industry is.

However, hair styling services can only serve a limited market of people. Laser hair removal is quickly growing in popularity due to its universal applicability, and technological advances that make it more affordable and accessible than ever.

Consider a CoLaz laser hair removal salon for your franchise ambitions and let us show you how fast your career can take off.  Contact CoLaz today with any inquiries you may have regarding your own franchise.