Franchise Income

Discover CoLaz Franchise Income Potential

Calculating your CoLaz franchise income potential is easy with the right information and research

Some figures you will need to know from the parent company (franchisor) are their: sales/ revenue, cash flow, net profit, and loss.

Once you have these estimates, find the earnings claim table in your franchise disclosure document (FDD) or Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) and average the high sales and low sales numbers to come up with the median income you can expect as a franchisee.

Obviously you do not have these documents yet, but once you request more information through our online form, I will send them over to you.

After you calculate your franchise income potential

The next steps will be projecting cash expenditures and estimating cash flow for your services. Finally, these numbers must all agree with your personal finances, so that you can truly see if opening a CoLaz franchise is the right financial choice for you.

Robert Bond, publisher of World Franchising Network and author of “How Much Can I Make?” says that franchise income potential “ranges greatly, depending on whether a multimillion dollar hotel franchise is bought or a low cost home office franchise.” Estimating a medium sized franchise is purchased within the next few years, he continues:

“My view is that an average franchisee will probably make [net income as salary], say £60,000 a year by working probably 60, 70, or 80 hours a week at the outset…” However, because CoLaz offers management franchises where we handle all the training, you may find that you invest far fewer hours than those estimated in the example.

If higher sales and a higher salary sound more tempting to you than your current salon or managerial station, you might be seconds away from making the first step towards a lucrative career change.

If you are curious about the CoLaz franchise income potential that you can achieve, find out more today by clicking here to fill out an online inquiry.