Franchise Business Financing

To open your own laser hair removal beauty salon, you will most likely need some sort of franchise business financing.

CoLaz does not offer personal business financing

But uses Corporate and Medical Finance, an asset financing company. They offer flexible, low cost, and hassle free finance solutions and have an expertise in beauty and aesthetics financing. CMF are local brokers who have helped us fund refurbishments, and finance assets and business capital.

CoLaz recommends Corporate and Medical Finance

To help you with your franchise salon endeavor, as they have already assisted our four existing branches, and growing sister companies, expand exponentially.

Our working capital was achieved through CMF because they gave us the allowance to purchase necessary equipment, the refurbishment of our physical premises, and to fund like expenses.

Your options for funding are seemingly endless. See our Getting Started page for Tips On Getting A Franchise Loan for more information and funding ideas. Included there are suggestions for how you should apply for a loan, and viable ways to receive franchise business financing for a CoLaz laser hair removal salon.

For example, you can use personal savings, a merchant cash advance, or numerous other types of loans like a:

- Personal Loan
- Home Equity Loan
- Loan against a 401k
- Conventional Loan
- Business start-up grant or soft loan
- UK government grant advance

However, it is helpful to remember that banks are heavily for-profit and even consumer-oriented credit unions pale in comparison to the financial services provided by asset finance companies.

This is because asset finance companies like CMF specialise in short-term borrowing— so you can finance without incurring the debt accrued with banks, and be approved much faster.

If you want to look into the CMF for yourself, or to discuss the benefits of this institution over banks and credit unions, you can do so by filling out the form below.

CMF helped CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal and Beaulaz Beauty and Laser Training Center become what they are today, and they can help with your CoLaz franchise business financing too!