Career Retraining

Career Retraining Is The Step You Need To Take

Too many women just like you are working jobs they hate on a daily basis. Career retraining can sound daunting, difficult, and too involved.

We’re here to tell you it’s more achievable than you think. Even if you’re already working in the fun and fast-paced beauty industry, there is a good chance you’re being held down by the limits of an entry level salon job.

Take the opportunity to earn the career you want and deserve with retraining by Beaulaz.

Empower Yourself Through Career Retraining

CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal salons are offering a unique and brand new opportunity to women who are looking for more fulfilling careers. Franchising is the solution to both working in a career with no room for growth and to trying to start your own salon business from scratch.

You don’t need any beauty training to own and operate a CoLaz salon location, just the drive and dedication of a great manager.

The CoLaz opportunity makes this even easier, because we handle all employee training so that you can focus on operations.

However, if you’re interested in administering treatments to your own clients or ensuring the best customer service by being able to understand what your technicians are doing, read on. 

Career retraining through Beaulaz esthetician certification is all you need to achieve the levels of beauty expertise you want.

Beaulaz is a beauty and laser training center and CoLaz’s sister company. Beaulaz sees countless students succeed through their beauty therapy and esthetician NVQ Levels 2-4 courses. After certification completion, you can go on to work in higher positions at any salon you choose— and the best students are usually considered for CoLaz salons.

How It All Connects

You want new job opportunities or career retraining and we have options.

  1. Beaulaz Beauty and Laser Training Center offers you the qualifications you need to find a better position.
  2. CoLaz hires from Beaulaz certified graduate pools.
  3. CoLaz is presenting a brand new franchising opportunity to run your own salon.

Take advantage of all of the above elements and provide services in your own CoLaz franchise.

A better career is within your reach, and there are so many options to achieve the success you want. 

Simple career retraining for beauty therapy or a franchise purchase is all that stands between you and the job you deserve. Click here to contact us today with any questions you may have about Beaulaz courses or CoLaz franchising.   


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