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So, you want to open your own beauty salon business. Maybe you’re tired of all the entry level beauty industry jobs, sick of having to answer to a boss who doesn’t know your name, or are just looking to take a different direction with your career. You deserve to work in an industry that is profitable, popular, and interesting to you. Starting your own business can be overwhelming and difficult though. What’s the solution? CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal Salon Franchises.

New Opportunities For Beauty Industry Leaders

You’re here because you’re looking for a viable way to open a new beauty salon business and start working a job you love. CoLaz Affordable Laser Hair Removal can help you achieve this goal. CoLaz owns and operates four successful laser hair removal salons in the London area, and are offering you an opportunity that has never been available before: franchising. You may or may not be familiar with franchising, and the fact that it is a safe, profitable solution for your desire to start your own small business.

Franchising over independent ownership gets you and your beauty salon business:

- The use of a proven, tested business format. The owners of the franchise have experience in what works and what doesn’t in the type of salon you’ll be opening.
- Established branding that a wide customer base already knows and trusts. Don’t fight to win over customers to an unheard-of brand, use a successful one.
- Management status without all the training obligations. CoLaz takes care of employee training so you can focus on running your business.

Laser hair removal is an extremely lucrative service that is only getting more popular. Instead of going to school for something that won’t get you a career, or scouring the job market for a position unrelated to what you love, start your own Beauty Salon Business the smart way. Franchising with CoLaz means you get the thrill of running your own salon with all the help of the franchise network behind you.

CoLaz offers unique beauty salon franchises that are:

Locally-owned – Owners are ready to guide and advise you on best business practices according to their past success.
Small – Don’t compete with thousands of people all applying for one ownership opportunity.
Low Cost – A low initial investment returns high rewards in the laser hair removal industry. Procedures earn more profit than a hair salon and require substantially lower overhead.

Start a career at a beauty salon business that helps people look and feel better while earning significant profits for yourself. Click here to contact CoLaz today and inquire about great franchise opportunities.

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