About Colaz Advanced Beauty Specialists

Our founding principle is that every person has the right to be sexy, smooth, and confident. And after thousands of applications, our highly satisfied customers don’t hesitate to tell their family and friends about how we make them look and feel good.

Manroop Ahitan began the CoLaz enterprise in 2005 for a largely young, sophisticated, and very demanding clientele. Her clients were looking for a salon where they felt safe and secure without spending a fortune. 

She herself had experienced some unprofessional hair removal clinics, so she thoroughly trained her employees to become the best, most knowledgeable hair removal technicians and beauty experts in London. She even started her own beauty school, our sister company, Beaulaz Beauty and Laser Training Center.

And for a number of years she researched hair removal equipment to find the highest quality, pain free laser hair removal technology available. CoLaz accordingly uses many medical grade lasers for the utmost comfort and effectiveness on all complexions and skin types.  

In addition to the very profitable laser hair removal services, each of our London area salons offers a full line of beauty treatments such as advanced medical facials, slimming treatments, and skin tightening plus solutions to skin problems such as acne, milia, and skin tags.

Franchisees get a business modeled after our four highly successful Colaz Advanced Beauty Specialists salons where we've honed and perfected our laser hair removal and beauty treatments. They gain access to the latest equipment at discount pricing and fast-track training at our Beaulaz Beauty and Laser Training Center.

If you think you're ready to own a proven laser hair removal and beauty salon franchise and make your clients more beautiful and happy in their skin, we invite you to contact us here

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